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Przewalski's wild horses in Kopachi

Unique video, filmed in village radioactive "Kopacsi." Liquidator and writer Sergei Mirnyi observed the wild horses. In the background - the antenna Duga "Arc-1" (Chernobyl-2).


Installing waste bins in Pripyat town

More and more tourists visit the city of Pripyat. 

Retained because of their garbage, cleanliness and maintenance of the memorial image of Pripyat is a problem.

As a first step to address it "Chernobyl-TOUR" and came to the tour former residents of Pripyat set trash cans in the most visited places in the city.  


Radioactive technique at the burial ground in the Zone

The video, shot at the burial ground of radioactive equipment "Buryakovka".


Radioactive Village Kopacsi

At five km from Chernobyl nuclear power plant is almost completely destroyed village Kopachi. There survived only a few buildings. About one of them - kindergarten - we shot this video.


Class of school № 2 of Pripyat

The video, shot in high school number 2 of Pripyat.


Burial ground of radioactive equipment in the Chernobyl zone

The video, shot while visiting the repository of radioactive equipment "Buryakovka." This technique involved in the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986.


Pripyat Undergrounds

Video, shot in the basement under the Pripyat. In the picture basements Pripyat restaurant and shop, located in the main square of Pripyat.


Helicopters in the the burial ground in the Chernobyl zone

Video of helicopters involved in the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, now lying the buriol ground of radioactive equipment "Buryakovka" in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.


Pripyat as a trap for animals. Series 2, kestrel.

Following in the Pripyat, we heard a thumping in the window glass ... INSIDE THE BUILDING! A ghost? - Because who else could there be? But ghosts hardly knock on the window, the more day ... A persistent pounding on the glass continued, following one after another, almost without interruption. We come closer ... and saw the breaking of glass hawk (at least we thought it was a hawk.) He fought against the glass, as if asking people to save and to get him ... The rescue mission was a success.

Обсуждение ролика >>>


Pripyat as a trap for animals - Series 1, a dog

  After the accident at Chernobyl nuclear power plant unit 4 people left the future exclusion zone, in which, despite the radiation began to increase animal populations - that risen and the number of species living in it ("biodiversity"), and the number of animals of each species. After 26 years, anyone who had seen the area, the obvious conclusion: people act on nature more depressing than radiation. This is the conclusion and professional zoologists.

  But the man was gone, leaving the building, which may be traps for animals. During a walking tour of Pripyat, we heard a faint whine, more like a dreary dying breath coming from somewhere ... Looked up, saw an apartment building, the balcony ... Silence. Just take a step to go further - as this howl-moan repeated.

  Became clear in an apartment building got lost dog. Doors have many apartments now broken or open, so that within a large house is a real maze for clues that dog logic (or maybe just force) is not enough.

  Dog without food or water drain to a pulp...